Seafood Restaurant

“The seafood Restaurant in Harlingen where you will find the salty sea on your plate”

Seafood restaurant De Tjotter, for both lunch and dinner, has been Harlingen’s only real fish restaurant for twenty-two years now for the experience of fish, shellfish and crustaceans. We only work with regional products that come directly from the Harlinger fish auction. Our restaurant in Harlingen is located at Noorderhaven: the most beautiful tidal inland port in Friesland.

The cooking style of the kitchen brigade is characterized as modern with Belgian influences. A lot of cooking is done with seaweed. The chefs do this not only for the special taste, but also for the healthy minerals that seaweed contains. Come have lunch or dinner and enjoy the chef’s specialties.

In addition to the fish specialties, the Tjotter is also the address for beautiful meat and vegetarian dishes. Feel free to view the menus.

Do you have an allergy or are you following a certain diet? Feel free to let our employees know. Then the chefs will prepare an adapted dish for you.

In addition to the fish restaurant in Harlingen, De Tjotter also has its own oyster bar, allowing guests to enjoy oysters and various fish delicacies. This fish restaurant in Friesland on the water is one of the few restaurants with an oyster bar.

You can enjoy a delicious lunch in Harlingen by the water of the Noorderhaven. Our chefs prepare delicious dishes with fish, crustaceans and shellfish. For example, enjoy a fresh pasta or a home-made soup while you look out over the water.

You are always welcome for a lunch by the water with a beautiful view that will surprise you. Our professional and skilled chefs are happy to surprise you with their cooking skills.

If you want to eat byDe Tjotter in Harlingen, booking a table is highly appreciated. No reservation is required for the oyster bar.

We will compile a menu for parties of 10 people or more in consultation with you. You can let us know by filling in the contact form or by calling tel: +31517414691. If you have other questions, you can also contact us.

The name of fish restaurant “De Tjotter” is derived from a small sailing cargo ship that in the past sailed across the Zuiderzee between Amsterdam, Urk, Stavoren and Enkhuizen. The restaurant is decorated with a genuine original Tjotter in a pond so that you can admire it as a guest during your lunch or dinner.

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